Attendance Policy

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Child Friendly Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy

As a Rights Respecting School we believe that all pupils have the right to an education and that pupils should be encouraged to go to school – article 28.  Children cannot achieve their full potential if they do not regularly attend school.

Last year’s attendance figure – 93.7% (above the national figure of 91%)

Whole School Attendance Target – 96%

Persistent Absence – 21% (the percentage of children whose attendance was below 90%) – in line with national at 21%

Monitoring Procedures

  • If your child’s attendance figure falls below 96% a letter will be sent home. These will be sent out each month.
  • Any further absences require medical evidence for children whose attendance hasn’t improved. If there is no improvement then parents are invited to an attendance clinic.
  • Improvement letters are sent for families whose attendance improves as a result of the monitoring.
  • If poor attendance continues after the above interventions the EWO will be contacted. Fines can be issued for persistent absence.
  • A record of all concerns, correspondence and meetings will be kept in school
  • Termly attendance percentages will be reported to the LAC via the Principal’s report and to parents via newsletters.
  • Parents are informed of attendance targets and kept up to-date of classes’ achievement via Praise Worship, dojo and regular newsletters. This includes a weekly how many children are attending today.
  • Children will be shared with a weekly minutes of lost learning.
  • Individual and class average attendance is reported to parents each term via the termly report.
  • Weekly attendance (and the rolling from September) is monitored each week and shared with children at the Praise Worship. This is also shared with parents via dojo in the form of a RAG rated graph.
  • Personalised attendance targets and attendance trackers will be given to pupils whose attendance is causing concern, below 90%. The HSLW will share these with the pupils.
  • Red, green and yellow letters will be sent out to parents at the end of each half term to show what their child’s current percentage is.
  • Other attendance letters will be sent as necessary to families of pupils whose attendance is below 90% (one every four weeks). Door knocks will be made to families of absent children.  Attendance clinics will be booked and if needed Penalty Notice Warning Letters (PNWL) will be issued.
  • Each class, year 3 – year 6, has two Attendance Ambassadors. It is their job to:
  1. a) make sure that the class attendance display is always up to date
  2. b) meet with the HSLW at least half termly to discuss current whole school percentages
  3. c) feedback this information to their class
  4. d) be involved in the prize draws each half term

Attendance Rewards for Pupils

  • Two dojos each day. One for arriving on time and one for wearing full school uniform
  • Trophy awarded each week for the classes with the highest attendance: EYs/KS1 and KS2
  • The class with the highest attendance will look after Maximus Mouse for the week; will get 15 minutes extra play; will receive a certificate
  • If your class achieves 100% attendance for the week you will get a prize.
  • 100% attendance certificate awarded at the end of each term;
  • Certificate for 100% attendance for the whole year;
  • Every month, if you have achieved 96% attendance or above, you will be entered into a prize draw;
  • Every half term, a £10 gift voucher (for a local supermarket) will be presented to the child’s family drawn out of all of those who have attended 96% or above
  • If you have achieved 100% attendance up to the Friday before May Half Term, you will be able to go on a special daytrip before the summer holidays!
  • Spot prizes to children with 100% – 3 per half term
  • On time stickers will be shared with children at least half termly as a random reward.