Attendance Policy

Child Friendly Attendance Policy

Last year’s attendance figure – 94.7%

Whole School Attendance Target – 96%

Parents of registered pupils have a legal duty under the Education Act 1996 to make sure that children of compulsory school age attend school on a regular and full-time basis. Permitting unauthorised absence from school is an offence and parents may be reported to the Education Authority if problems cannot be resolved by agreement.

Key Roles and Responsibilities


  • Provide a safe, inclusive, stimulating, learning environment for all
  • Promote and encourage high levels of attendance for all pupils and staff
  • Provide rewards and incentives for excellent and improving attendance
  • Provide support and encouragement for those children who are striving to improve their attendance and punctuality
  • Liaise with parents/carers if a child’s attendance causes concern
  • Monitor attendance and punctuality of all children
  • Be sympathetic towards genuine reasons for absence and welcome the child back into school
  • Not authorise absences unless a satisfactory reason is provided
  • Liaise regularly with the EWO service and, if necessary, refer parents/carers to the service for investigation


  • Ensure that all processes and procedures are being followed.
  • With other staff monitor attendance issues.
  • Report to governors each term any issues via the HT report.

Home School Link Worker (HSLW)

  • First day contact for all pupil absences.
  • Meet with the EWO at least every half term to discuss any attendance and punctuality issues.
  • Monitor registers on a weekly basis.
  • Make HT aware of any issues.
  • Send letters to parents of pupils with attendance or punctuality concerns at least once a month.
  • Hold attendance clinics each week for PA pupils, those pupils in danger of becoming PA pupils and those whose punctuality is a cause for concern.

Admin Assistant

  • Ensure that late marks (U) are placed in the register each day after 9.10am.
  • Provide HLSW with attendance reports when required.

Local Academy Committee

  • To challenge all school staff on attendance and punctuality procedures to ensure that they are rigorous and are helping to improve overall levels of attendance and punctuality.
  • To monitor overall attendance.


  • Ensuring that your child arrives at school every day on time, ready to learn.
  • Discussing with the class teacher or Mrs Birks any concerns which you may have.
  • Regularly asking what your child’s attendance rate is.
  • Talking often to your child about school and how they feel about it. They are more likely to attend if they feel supported and their anxieties are listened to.
  • Knowing the routines of the school day.
  • Immediately contacting the school if your child is unable to attend. Please telephone 234834
  • Arranging medical appointments outside of school hours.
  • Providing medical evidence for absences over 4 days.
  • Not withdrawing your child for a holiday during term time.


  • Arrive at school on time every day
  • Arrive at school ready to learn
  • Enjoy and achieve whilst at school
  • Take pride in your work and the school
  • Complete homework tasks before bed, go to bed at a reasonable time, get ready for school quickly in a morning


Christ Church CE Primary Academy defines absence as either:

  • Arriving at school after the register has closed
  • Not attending school for any reason

Christ Church CE Primary Academy defines an authorised absence as:

  • An absence for sickness which the school agreed.
  • Medical or dental appointments which must take place during school time
  • Religious or cultural observances which the school has agreed
  • An absence due to family emergency

Christ Church CE Primary Academy defines an unauthorised absence as:

  • Minor illnesses (coughs, colds, sore throats, head aches). We will administer Calpol and monitor your child closely
  • Parents keeping children off school unnecessarily or without reason
  • Truancy
  • Absences which have not been properly explained
  • Arrival at school after the register has closed
  • Shopping, looking after children or birthdays
  • Day trips and holidays in term time that have not been agreed

Persistent Absentees (PA)

  • If a pupil’s attendance falls below 90% they are classed as being PA pupils.   We will continue to work together with the family and EWO to improve the pupil’s attendance.
  • If your child’s attendance falls below 85% the EWS will be formally involved and you could be fined.

Absence Procedures

  • If your child is unable to attend school they must notify school as soon as possible by ringing 234834 on the first day of absence.
  • A pupil’s absence will be considered unauthorised until a satisfactory explanation is received. Children can attend school with minor ailments – colds, sore throats, headaches etc. We will administer Calpol with parental consent and ensure your child is looked after.
  • A phone call will be made to the parent/carer of any child who has not reported their absence on the first day that they do not attend.
  • If we are unable to contact you via telephone or text a home visit will be made that day.


Punctuality is of the utmost importance and lateness will not be tolerated.

  • The school day starts at 8.45am when doors open.
  • Doors open at 8.45am
  • Doors close at 9.00am
  • A late book is in operation for arrivals after 8.50am (through the main entrance not classroom doors or children’s entrance)
  • Register opens at 8.45am
  • Register closes at 9.00am when it is sent to the school office.
  • Late marks (L) are awarded for arrivals between 9.00am and 9.15am. These are awarded by the office.
  • Late marks (U) are awarded for arrivals after 9.15am. These are awarded by the office. If your child receives 20 late marks, the EWO service will be informed.   A ‘U’ mark means your child is absent for the morning session

Term Time Leave

  • The local authority discourage parents/carers from applying for leave of absence during term time and encourage school not to authorise such applications.
  • All parents requesting holiday leave will need to meet with a member of the attendance team to discuss the absence and the impact it will have upon the pupil’s attendance.
  • The school is sensitive to family requests in cases of family bereavement and special occasions (e.g. family wedding). The Head Teacher will offer the family advice over absence in this instance.
  • Attendance at a religious observance held by a religious body may be granted authorised absence. The Head Teacher should be consulted in advance of the event and will make a decision as to whether this will be authorised.


  • As far as possible parents/carers should book medical and dental appointments outside of school hours.
  • Where this is not possible a note, appointment card should be shown.
  • Pupils must attend school before and after the appointment wherever possible

Monitoring Procedures

  1. If your child’s attendance figure falls below 96% a letter will be sent home. These will be sent out each month
  2. Attendance clinics will take place each week for PA pupils, those in danger of becoming PA pupils or those whose attendance is affected by persistent lateness
  3. If poor attendance continues after the above interventions the EWO will be contacted. Fines can be issued for persistent absence.
  4. A record of all concerns, correspondence and meetings will be kept in school
  5. Termly attendance percentages will be reported to the Governing Body via the Head Teacher’s report and to parents via newsletters.
  6. Parents are informed of attendance targets and kept up to-date of classes’ achievement via Celebration Worship and regular newsletters.
  7. Individual and class average attendance is reported to parents each term via the 16 Day Book
  8. Parents will receive a coloured letter each half term showing whether their child’s attendance is Good (Green Letter), Requires Improvement (Yellow Letter) or Very Serious (Red Letter)
  9. Personalised attendance targets and attendance trackers will be given to pupils whose attendance is causing concern, below 90%. The HSLW will share these with the pupils.
  10. The Attendance Link Governor will meet with the HSLW and EWO each term to discuss any attendance issues in school.
  11. Each class, year 1 – year 6, has two Attendance Ambassadors. It is their job to:b) meet with the HSLW at least half termly to discuss current whole school percentagesd) be involved in the prize draws each half term
  12. c) feedback this information to their class
  13. a) make sure that the class attendance display is always up to date

Attendance Rewards for Pupils

  • Two Dojos will be issued to every child each day: one for arriving on time (before 8.50am) and one for wearing full school uniform
  • A trophy is awarded for a week, to the classes (one in EYFS/KS1 and the other in KS2) who have achieved the best weekly attendance.
  • The class with the highest attendance that week will receive an extra 15 minutes play
  • Certificates will be awarded for 100% termly attendance at the end of the each term and for 100% annual attendance at the end of the academic year.
  • Half termly treats will be organised for all pupils who achieve 100% for that half term. This could be a disco, afternoon tea with the HT, film afternoon, games afternoon etc.
  • Every month a prize draw will take place for each class for all pupils whose attendance is 96% or above.
  • All children who achieve 100% attendance up until the 30th June will participate in a day trip before the summer holiday as a reward for their outstanding attendance.
  • Each week a raffle ticket will be given to each child who has achieved 100% attendance for that week. We will then hold a special prize draw at the end of each term.

There is a clear link between poor attendance at school and low academic achievement.  Children have little chance of catching up their peers if attendance is poor.  We want our children to develop life-long skills and attitudes which will enable them to succeed in life after school.