Church links


The Church of England has a duty to care for everyone who lives in its parishes, whether they come to Church or not. It doesn’t matter whether
they are Anglicans, or belong to another church or faith – or none. As part of that responsibility, the Church of England takes education very seriously. We believe that offering the best start in life to our children is what God wants and is way of showing his love for everyone.church2

As a Christian community we try to deliver both teaching and pastoral care on the basis of the Christian Faith as understood by the Church of England.

That is why we ensure a daily act of Collective Worship, to make the spiritual dimension of life clear and accessible to our children. Religious Education (RE) takes its place in the timetable, not to convert pupils, but to give them a proper understanding of what faith means. The School and the Parish Church work closely together to ensure the best levels of church1collaboration.  Special services are regularly held (either in school or in Church), to which parents and carers are very welcome. Rev Geoff, Sam and Fr Andrew Wicken are regular visits to our academy.  For those pupils who seek to develop their Christian Faith, the Parish Church offers preparation for Baptism and Confirmation.

The Christian Faith is the backdrop for all that we do as a Church School. We hope that parents find this a support and encouragement in the many challenges that they face.