Our Curriculum Vision

We would like our children to develop a love of learning and enjoy the learning opportunities that are given to them. We want our curriculum to inspire them and encourage them to use the skills we have taught them to find out new knowledge themselves as independent learners. Our desire is that all our children develop a deep understanding of the knowledge and skills required as part of the National Curriculum. We hope this will develop an understanding of the importance of education and will help them to aspire to great things for their futures.  We would like our children to develop an understanding of where they fit in the world around them and to take an interest in how that world affects them.

We will help our youngest learners as they develop the skills of toileting, self-feeding, sharing, turn taking and being able to tell right from wrong.  We will support the children as they develop into effective communicators with a wider range of vocabulary and an ability to hold extended conversations with their peers and the adults they work with. As part of this we will help the children develop the speaking and listening skills they need to communicate with others in a range of situations. We will support our children as they develop the social skills and coping strategies that are needed to be part of our school community as well as the wider community around them.

The development of good mental health will have a high priority and we will work hard to develop our children’s emotional literacy.  We will offer opportunities to parents so they can share in their child’s learning with the intention of improving parental engagement. We will work hard to develop resilience in our children so that they can demonstrate a ‘can-do’ attitude throughout their life.  We will provide opportunities for the children to develop the life skills that will help them later in life. As part of this we will develop Road Safety skills, E-Safety knowledge as well as the skills and knowledge needed to lead a healthy and active life. We will also provide opportunities to experience a range of activities outside of school time and away from the school grounds – a range of educational trips and extra-curricular activities to enhance our curriculum offering.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum at Christ Church can be summarised in the following statement:

‘An exciting, inclusive, progressive and comprehensive curriculum that meets the needs of our children, based upon our pupils’ early childhood experiences as well as the local geographical context.’

At Christ Church CE Primary Academy our curriculum is a broad and balanced learning challenge curriculum which uses individual classes’ learning challenges as a means to acquiring knowledge and incorporating necessary skills and progression.  The national curriculum (knowledge and key skills) is taught via a series of subject specific learning challenges.

The acquisition, and then application, of specific skills is extremely important as is the acquisition of knowledge.  Our curriculum provides numerous opportunities for this.  Termly educational visits undertaken by all year groups and regular opportunities for outdoor learning also help to enhance the learning opportunities we provide.  The weekly homework, again linked to the learning challenges, provides yet further opportunities for consolidation of learning or pre-learning challenge research.

An overall whole school curriculum outline shows all learning challenges for each academic year. A long term plan is created by all year groups which shows the areas of the national curriculum or Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum to be covered during that year. The medium and short term plans then provide more detailed information regarding how the specific knowledge and skills will be taught.

The following published schemes are used to deliver specific areas of the curriculum:

Computing – Teach Computing and project EVOLVE for E-Safety

Languages – Language Angels

Mathematics – White Rose

Phonics – Read Write Inc.

Spelling – No Nonsense Spelling

PE/Games – Rising Stars

RE – Stoke-on-Trent Agreed Syllabus

The only specialist teaching taking place in school is music. Two specialist music teachers deliver the music curriculum to the whole school as well as providing opportunities for the children to perform to an audience as part of a Rock Band, Brass/Woodwind Group or choir.

To facilitate the teaching of our curriculum the school environment is tidy and well organised with displays which not only celebrate pupils’ achievement but provide necessary support and prompts via learning walls. This allows our children to develop into independent learners.

Our Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum provides a balance of adult-led and child-initiated activities with more formal teaching methods. As the children develop and progress through the foundation stage activities become more adult led in preparation for year 1 and beyond. Our nursery and reception classrooms are purposeful, language rich environments.

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is very important to us and we provide a wealth of enrichment activities and opportunities for our pupils to access.  We also ensure that our children learn about Fundamental British Values and are provided with opportunities to discuss and review local, national and international events as part of our PSHE provision.

If you would like more information about the curriculum we offer to our pupils you can speak to our Principal, Mrs Paula Scattergood or our Vice Principal, Mrs Emma Wilkes.

Cultural Capital Experiences and Activities

As a school we support a range of awareness days and celebrations throughout the academic year.  These form part of our broad and balanced curriculum providing our children with a range of enrichment activities throughout the year.

Cultural Capital Experiences and Visits

Mathematics at Christ Church

Information to help support your children with their mathematics learning can be found at:

Mathematics Schemes of Learning

Calculation Policy

Numicon Guide for parents

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