School Ambassadors

We have the following School Ambassadors who work along side school staff to help improve and lead these areas of school life.

School Council

Our school council work with their class to identify areas for improvement in our academy and help leaders make decisions.  At their request we are fundraising for the Ronald McDonald House Charities by holding a toy sale in the spring term.  They also provide pupil voice related to our curriculum.

Worship Ambassadors

Our worship ambassadors lead the school prayer in our whole school worship and help with the delivery of class worship.

Health and Safety Ambassadors

Our health and safety ambassadors work with their class teacher to keep the classroom safe and tidy.  They can also award Health and Safety dojos to those children who they see keeping the school tidy and safe.  Cloakrooms are also monitored by them to ensure no coats are a trip hazard.  Last year our ambassadors wrote to the local council asking for the road markings to be re-painted.

Gardening Ambassadors

Our gardening ambassadors are extremely busy throughout spring and summer as they help to look after the plants we have around school.  They also help to plant bedding plants in our internal garden and the pergola.

E-Safety Ambassadors

Our e-safety ambassadors helped to plan Internet Safety activities with our computing lead.  They also created and delivered an E-Safety assembly on the day to all of our children.  On a weekly basis they remind their class about the importance of e-safety.

Sports Ambassadors

Our sports ambassadors play a major role in all sporting activities in the summer term helping teachers ensure Sports Days run smoothly in all key stages.

Friendship Ambassadors

Every Friday our friendship ambassadors award stickers to those children who have been kind and a good friend throughout the week.  They also help children who are new to our school by being a good friend and showing them our routines.

Attendance Ambassadors

At the beginning of the academic year they review the child-friendly attendance policy and share this with their class.  Our attendance ambassadors discuss their own classes attendance each week as they strive to reach our 96% target.  They help with our monthly attendance prize drawers and update the attendance display each week.  They have asked if they can create and then deliver an assembly on the importance of good attendance.

We also have a Head Boy, Head Girl and Prefects all chosen from Year 6.  These are pupils who will represent our school and meet with important visitors.