Worship Ambassadors

Our Worship Ambassadors for 2019/2020

Year 1 - Molly and Logan

Year 2 – Dexter and Caitlyn

Year 3 – Ethan and Tolu

Year 4 – Ella and Riley

Year 5 – Nathan and Lilly

Year 6 – Jasmine and Alex

What is our role?

  • Ensuring that collective worship is as good as it can be
  • Agreeing the Worship Policy
  • Contributing to the writing of the policy – adding Bible story suggestions
  • Making sure the classroom/hall is ready for worship
  • Choosing relevant hymns
  • Finding out about the views of pupils and parents
  • Sharing prayers written by pupils in their own class every Friday afternoon. Year 6 to share reception, year 5 to share nursery
  • Playing a major part in planning and delivering worship with staff and other children
  • To be good role models during worship.
  • To be actively involved during whole school worship – choosing relevant music, saying prayers

What are we going to achieve this year?

  • Introduce a wider range of hymns/music into our collective worship
  • Ensure that all classrooms have age appropriate Bibles
  • Introduce “Processing the Bible” at the beginning of each whole school worship
  • Meet with Fr Tommy each half term to review the collective worship delivered and agree the following half term.